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Victor Griffin was the main-songwriter of Pentagram from the early 80's through '96. In this period he created soulful heavy songs, that belongs to the milestones of this special heavy genre. After this yeras, his first musical life-sign was the highly recommandable debut of his new band PLACE OF SKULLS. Before Wino joined the band from his long-time friend Victor, former bassist Lee Abney left, and was shortly replaced through Ron Holzner. Due to the reason, that Ron's playing in other bands, not enough time was left for a full-time job, and so Greg Turley of CounterShaft took place for the recording sessions, who was Pentagram's bassplayer in the mid-90's. Finally, the wait for one of the most anticipated releases of the last months is over, and Southern Lord Records can be proud to release the album. "With Vision" brings back all the magic of this music, in its purest and essential form. Here fits everything: the massive riffs are interupted from shining guitarsolos, embedded in clever and tight grooves and Victor Griffin's great vocals, are sounding more diverse as before.

Wino's voice adds another vibe to the sound of PLACE OF SKULLS, and both are not only exciting guitarplayers. It's obvious to hear, that this is authentic music, performed by musicians who really feel what they play. Victor Griffin and Wino got different styles of playing, and it's amazing to hear how they perfectly blend over. Finest passionate guitarwork, yet melodic but still power- and forceful with enough drive to kick out all of the lame heavy boring shit . "With Vision" is very traditional with its 70's heavy rock vibe and all the slow and dark themes, but still modern and refreshing, as it was with "Nailed". The entire album is carried from a powerful emotional spirit, filled by a deep spiritual belief, often mistaken as Christianity. Here, it's only the search for inner peace and release. This is a masterpiece of soulful passionate 70's influenced metallic heavy rock, which is definitely one of my favorite album of the year 2003, no matter if this year will still last 3 months long. You can put it directly near the classic heavy albums!!! Please notice, that the vinyl-version doesn't include twelve songs as the CD.