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After being absent from the heaviest music scene in the world for several years, x-PENTAGRAM guitarist / songwriter Victor Griffin has returned with a new band and what can I say... I'm glad to see that he's still alive. I think, that I don't need to talk about PENTAGRAM, one of best and heaviest bands that ever comes out of the USA. Victor was part of PENTAGRAM from the early-80's until the early-90's (with a small break!) and together with bass-player Lee Abney (x-PENTAGRAM / DEATH ROW  and drummer Timothy Tomaselli he had formed a strong and powerful band. This demo contains three songs ("Songs Of Soloman", "Never Die", "Days Of Trouble") and all three songs are very good.

It's very emotional Doom-laden Heavyrock with some progressive elements. Victor is also responsible for the vocals and he's doing a good job. His guitar-sound is very close to the sound he uses in PENTAGRAM . He proves ones again, that he belongs to one of the best guitarist in the heavy music scene.All songs have a very positive and uplifting vibe and one of my faves is "Days Of Trouble" with it's very interesting progressive touch ( just listen to the drummer!), but like I said before the whole demo is fantastic and it's great to see that one of the most impressive heavy guitar-players is back again. Buy this demo straight for $6 from the band. Check out the PLACE OF SKULLS website.