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Everyone of you, who've noticed the other three PoS reviews knows about positive word that I've lost about this awesome band. And than you'll know that Victor Griffin (ex-Pentagram/Death Row) is part of the line-up of PLACE OF SKULLS. But for more detailed informations, please read the in-depth interview inside this online-zine. "Nailed" is the debut full-length and it contains nine beautiful and majestic songs. One of the greatest surprises on this album is the outstanding cover-version of the Animals-classic "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood". It's not one of these boring cover-songs, where the band exactly trys to play the song like the original. PLACE OF SKULLS have captured the original vibe of this song, but it sounds like an own PoS track. Great! But all the other eight tracks are on the same high level. This is very emotional and authentic music, that has nothing in common with all this boring and heartless stoner-crap. People like Scott Weinrich, Bobby Liebling or Victor Griffin to name a few are belonging to the first and second generation of Heavy Rock musicians, that have inspired hundreds of heavy bands. Every song here is a winner. A lot of dynamic breaks, the soulful vocals and heavy guitarwork of Victor Griffin, a tight rhytm-section and a very powerful production are making "Nailed" to one of my first highlights of 2002. You can't go wrong with it! At least I like to mention the very good lyrics of all songs. Although they are mostly very melancholic and dark, there's a uplifting vibe in the music of PoS. So, do yourself a favour and get a copy of these masterpiece. This is the real stuff ! For actual informations about the band visit the band's homepage and order this album from Southern Lord Recordings