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Finally the first self-financed offical release from this great powertrio after the very recommandable three-song demo (see Demo-section for review). It's a whole gig in a very good quality and it was recorded last year in "The Prince". For those who don't know, PLACE OF SKULLS consists of former x-PENTAGRAM / DEATH ROW members Victor Griffin and Lee Abney and drummer Tim Tomaselli. The band performs ten songs, inclusive four old PENTAGRAM / DEATHROW classics , that Victor Griffin had written ("Evil Seed", "Too Late", "Wartime", "Broken Vows") , the three demo songs and three songs that were unknown to me.

You hear that all the musicians have had a good day and so the band is a very strong unit, especially Victor Griffin's guitarwork is still excellent. But also his vocals are very good and emotional and he has his own style, maybe with a small Wino-influence. PLACE OF SKULLS don't play pure Doom, it goes more into a Doom-laden Heavy Rock direction. I think that everything is said and so I give everyone of you the advice to buy this masterpiece for $ 10.00 from the band at: placeofskulls(at)msn.com and check out the PLACE OF SKULLS website. In 2001 the band will release the debut album on MAN`S RUIN and I think, that it will be one of the best records from this year.