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PLACE OF SKULLS (3 song - Demo) MCD-R

The name of this powertrio (in the truest meaning of the word) shouldn't be really new in the heavy Doom community, but for those who still don't know which members are in the line-up of PLACE OF SKULLS here we go again. Victor Griffin (v,g) and Lee Abney (b) were both part of Death Row / Pentagram and especially Victor is responsible for timeless classics like "Evil Seed", "Relentless", "Wartime" and so on. With Tim Tomaselli they have found a very talented and energetic drummer and until now PLACE OF SKULLS have been released an excellent 3 song demo and the high recommandable "Live!" CD (both reviews inside this online zine).

Now in 2001, the debut should be released via Man's Ruin but sadly the label broke down. But nothing is lost and so Greg Anderson's Southern Lord label had taken the opportunity to release the PLACE OF SKULLS full-length debut "Nailed" in Febuary 2002. Here on this promo are two tracks that are unknown to me and "Never Die (Pistonhead)" which you can find also on the demo and the Live CD. And what can say? It's was absolutely amazing for me to hear PLACE OF SKULLS in a very well produced way and after I've received this three-tracker I listen to it each day.

Victor's vocals are sounding more mystical and soulful than on the other releases and the two unknown songs "The Fall" and "Return"are in the same high level like the other PoS tracks. Let it me say in a simple way, "Nailed" will be one of the highlights in 2002 and not only all Pentagram fans should save their money for this album. Meanwhile you can visit the PLACE OF SKULLS homepage for the latest infos on the band and if you don't own the demo or the Live CD, than change it now.