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It's always a delight to discover a new band, especially one as wonderful as this one. Combing a double-dose of Sabbathian riffs with 80's thrash metal and a dash of Crowbar heavyness, PICK UP THE SNAKE's "Feel The Fire" MCD, self-released in 2005 is a dark brooding cauldron of wonders. "Into The Sea" vaults into action on a rush of Celtic Frost-like riffs and up-tempo beats, but at times, there is a definite Place Of Skulls resemblence as in "Salvation" or "Fallen Angel". And after reading the thanks-list of each member, I noticed that they are good friends of Victor Griffin and his comrades. At least, PICK UP THE SNAKE hail from Tennesee, too! That's what I call a good source for inspiration! The downtuned riffs are fat and chunky, and Nathan Wright also is a powerful singer who clearly fell into this thick and massive sound. What makes this release even more tasteful is the band's talent to write heavy melodic cuts, fueled with a soulful and blistering guitarwork. So I can't write nothing negative about "Feel The Fire", and it's without any exaggeration an excellent release, that kicks a lot of more popular heavy bands out of the race. The production of the five included tracks is as professional as the complete package, which looks like a "regular" release plus jewel case. Real exemplary! Considering this band is a new band they produce a captivating head crunching sound that is worthy of inclusion in your doomy collection NOW!