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It's only a few weeks ago, when I had seen this German band live in a club not far away from my hometown Oberhausen, and it was a real nice concert. Usually I don't like this sort of modern Hardcore Punk, which contains a lot of breaks and stuff like that, but PERTH EXPRESS unfold a lot of energy on stage so that it didn't bother me too much. The reason for my attendance on that evening was this album, which I received some months ago from the US-label Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records, because I never heard anything before from this group. The CD gives an overview about the previous releases of the band and it includes all 12", 10", 7" as well as 4 songs from an older demo tape. All in all this tastefully designed compilation consist of 23 songs, which combine the aggression and darkness from a band like Tragedy f.e. with the complexity of Mastodon.

Well, I'm glad about the fact that PERTH EXPRESS have not really much in common with that boring Relapse band, but more with good old Hardcore Punk which was invented by Discharge at the end of the 70's. Some call it 'crust', and if you want you can use that description also for PERTH EXPRESS. The technical abilities from this four guys are in best shape, especially the drummer is playing like a restless octopus. I also like that heavy, filthy sound from guitar and bass so that I don't have any more wishes about it. My only problem is the missing variety within their sound despite all the integrated breaks. But ok, I don't have to listen through all tracks, and whenever I just pick out only a couple of songs I really start to dig this band. Very intensive and if you have the chance to see them live, don't hesitate!