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PENTAGRAM (Turn To Stone) CD

This isn't a new PENTAGRAM / DEATH ROW album, it's a complation of songs from the first three albums ("s/t" or "Relentless" / "Day Of Reckoning" / "Be Forewarned"), done by Peaceville Records. Originally, the first two albums weren't released by Peaceville in the 80's. I won't describe it as a best-of, because PENTAGRAM / DEATH ROW have written so much awesome tracks, that it's hard to pick out a few. The label has done a good choice, and aside of classics as "20 Buck Spin", "Death Row", "Relentless" etc., they've also included killer tracks as "Petrified" or "Wolf's Blood". Sadly, every song is in the same version as on the records, what means there are no rare recordings or different versions to find here. The liner-notes aren't very informative and something, I can't really understand is the label-sticker on the cover, where PENTAGRAM will be described as "stoner-rock". What's that? It seems, as if Peaceville wants to jump on this trend, because they haven't sold enough of the regular records in the past. This compilation is only recommended to people, who never heard anything before of PENTAGRAM, but for everyone else it absolutly not necessary. I think, that Peaceville could have made more out of this compilation and what about a re-re-release of the first two records and a re-release of the third one? Questions over questions...... I think, you can buy this album in nearly every record-store and I'm better waiting for the announced '78 live-album of PENTAGRAM on Black Widow Records.