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PENANCE (Turn For The Worse) MCD-R

I'm still speechless about this new release from PENANCE! Four new tracks, titled "Love Dies", "Cold" , "Drown Me In A Sea Of Empty" and finally "Misery Song". After the high recommendable "Proving Ground" album, self-released in 1999, PENANCE shows again that they still belong to the spearhead of Americans Heaviest Doom Rock bands. I can't understand why most of the new Heavy breed gets the chance to record another boring 10" after another, and this band has to do it by themselves! All four songs are over five minutes and PENANCE play every note with a lot of passion and honesty.

Awesome riffs, a powerful voice and a tight rythm-section are the ingredients for this EP. First song is "Love Dies", a hard groovin' track with sad lyrics and a good opener. this song shows again that PENANCE are forming an integrated whole.They play slow parts so fantastic, like on the next song "Cold", and the voice of Brian ("Butch") gets more variety with every new song. "Drown Me In A Sea Of Empty" is a very melancholic song with softer vocals and great guitarwork. The last track, "Misery Song" is an amazing Doom track. Very dark,absolutly heavy and angry with hard grooves and brillant changes.So, folks , I give you again the advice to check out PENANCE,for those who don't know, and buy this EP! For more informations of the long history of PENANCE you can read the interview with Brian (voc.) in this Zine.