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PENANCE (Proving Ground) CD

After five long years PENANCE comes up in 1999 with their self-financed album "Proving Ground" and it's a strong release. You find eleven tracks on "Proving Ground",that clocks in 71:01 min, and PENANCE gives you all that you need, if you love the heaviest DoomRock / Metal.Very melancholic songs like for example "Never Lost" with a fine OBSESSED influence or the angry "Bleed You". I love this album because PENANCE are able to show the great variety in this music that you can call Doom.

They are hard, melodic and soulful and PENANCE have created their very own sound on this third album. The band is going their own way since the mid-80`s.They have started under the name DREAM DEATH, which released one LP, titled "Journey into Mystery". After that and with the change into the name PENANCE, the band released two more great albums in the 90's. The "new" singer Brian Balich (on the last album "Parallel Corners" it was Lee Smith, now SALLY) got his own style that fits perfect to the wall of heaviness. If you want to know more about PENANCE read the interview in this Zine. At least I give you the advice to buy this album.