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First off, this is one of the biggest positive surprises I received last month. PELICAN is an instrumental four-piece and this EP contains four amazing tracks.Imbued in feedback, dark drones and down-tuned vibrations, you'll find the sonic world of PELICAN. Deep in this hypnotic monolith lays much sadness and melancholy and there's absolutley no voice missing. This isn't just pure heavy grooveless brutality. It's filled with much beauty and sensual melodies and I'm still searching for words to describe this music. And it doesn't make much sense to find the right describtion for this masterpiece. There are parts, which reminds me to Godflesh, Isis,Earth or Mogwai but there's much more inside. None of the four tracks is a boring filler. The songs are coming like a fat stream out of the speakers and there's a interesting dynamic in all tracks.The four musicians got the skills to transport their musical vision to the listener and they are establish an aural atmosphere where you can lose yourself in. PELICAN's music is like an oil-painting where you can look at over and over again and you still find something new in it. The production is excellent and it's hard to believe, that this their debut. The band has shared the stage with Isis, High On Fire or Knut f.e. and it must be exciting moment to be part of a PELICAN gig. I could go on and on and so I gibe you the advice to contact the band and order this EP, that comes in a tasteful silver-shining cover artwork with inlet.