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PAUL CHAIN (Sign From Space) LP/CD

There's a lot to write about one of the most creative Italian musicians - Paul Chain. At the end of the 1977 he was one of the founder of Death SS, after that he started with the Paul Chain Violet Theatre (formed in 1979)and with the "Alkahest" album,released in 1995 under his own name, he had given the world one of the top-ten Doom records of all time.Also, Paul Chain has been recorded pure 70's Rock, like the "In Concert" CD from the early 90's where he is playing some old Blues and Rock classics, but he's doing that in his own unique way. But that's only a small insight in Chains musical world and he has released much more between 1987 and now , but I won't mention it all because that's only a small record review. So, "Sign From Space" is one of the newer projects from this excentric musician. With this album, he and two other guys are exploring the mystical dimension of outer space.

Four improvised tracks entitled "Sign From Space Part 1-4", that are filled with his unique vocals, and again Paul Chain uses his own purely phonetic language. You can describe this album as Spacerock, comparable to the Alan Davey solo albums. Although all tracks are free-improvised, "Signs From Space" is no chaotic journey... it still rocks, but beyond time and dimension. It's obvious to see that this musical creation was master-minded by Paul Chain and it's part of his container system, which means that he uses three different container for three different ways to play and compose music. But inside this LP, you find a highly informative paper where Paul Chain describes his system. So, enter the world of Paul Chain with this excellent release, that has nothing in common with Doom or typical Heavyrock. "Sign From Space" comes in a nice cover artwork from the Malleus guys, and so it's better if you check out the vinyl edition with the gatefold cover. Visit the label Beard Of Stars and take a look the the highly informative homepage of Paul Chain.