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PAUL CHAIN (Cosmic Wind) LP/CD

The man and the myth! In this case, it's Italians underground avantgarde rocker Paul Chain. He's been around since the last 25 years, and in this time he created under his alter-ego Paul Chain his own musical universe, which is impossible to describe with one or two words, because of the diversity of his countless, hard to find releases. In the Doom Metal underground, he gained a lot of attention with the outstanding "Alkahest" album, and his early works with Death SS. But now, Paul Chain is history, because this Italian artist decided to delete his alter-ego.

"Cosmic Wind" is the last release under the name Paul Chain, and in opposite to the album before named "Park Of Reason", he continues with "Cosmic Wind", where he stopped with the "Sign From Space" album. It's pure improvised heavy Spacerock, divided into the two long tracks "Cosmic Wind Part 1 & 2" , with a total playing time of nearly 50 min. Paul Chain is playing bass, synth, and keyboards, and temporary, he uses his pure phonetic language, though nearly the whole album is instrumental. In guitarplayer Alex Vasini and drummer Danilo Savanas, he had found two other musicians to share his musical vision of a sonic journey into the outer-space. Though, there's a strong Hawkwind-influence in some moments, this isn't the typical retrospective.

Not only because of his clear and hypnotizing voice, "Cosmic Wind" got this very own mystical Paul Chain-vibe. His psychedelic winds are blowing darker and colder, and be sure, that here are a lot of heavy trippin' sound effects included. "Part 1" is more on the heavy rockin' spaceway, just to change into something very emotional with spaced-out melodic guitarplaying, while "Part 2" is like a fascinating kaleidoscopic trip, where Alex Vasini shows again his virtous and shining guitarwork. Although, everything is totally improvised, there's a clear structure within the album, and it's exciting to hear, that it was recorded without overdubs to keep the spiritual trance of the music alive. I think, enough said, because just listen for yourself to "Cosmic Wind" to be aware of the magic and beauty of this album. Good-bye Paul Chain, hope to hear from you soon again.... You can place your order directly at Beard Of Stars Records.