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The plans for releasing this split single are older (see INTERNAL VOID interview) and finally SOUTHERN LORD had taken the opportunity for a release. So it's also #1 in the LORD's singles club, but don't worry... you don't need to be a member to get a copy of it. But I think you must be fast! This single comes in the typical SL high-quality layout, like we know it from all their releases. PAUL CHAIN is performing the "Full Moon Improvisation" and it's an instrumental track with a lot of guitar improvisation, comparable with PAUL CHAIN's live album which shows more the 70's guitar influence in his music.

INTERNAL VOID are playing "Window to Hell", an older track from their second demo which was released in the mid-90's, I think. This song is an amazing mid-tempo rocker, which again shows all the trademarks of this fantastic band. "Window to Hell" is not worser than any of the songs from "Unearthed", so this single is all in all a fine release and a nice collector's item. Visit the SOUTHERN LORD homepage for more informations about other releases and more stuff.