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If I ever have problems to fall asleep or if inner restlessness is spreading, then I will listen to 'Axis Mundi' in the near future. And that's not meant in a negative way at all. What I am trying to say here is that the debut album of PATHS OF PRAKRITI is so significantly mellow and peaceful that it should be used by anti-aggression-trainings. I am confident that even the toughest guys will weave flower crowns while 'Axis Mundi' flows out of the speakers.

Founded in Trondheim, Norway, in 2006 by Jon Reier Sylte, PATHS OF PRAKRITI is ensouled by the spirit of the 1960's. Add to this a little English psych-pop from the 1990's and then you have the musical foundation of PATHS OF PRAKRITI. The atmosphere throughout 'Axis Mundi' is haunting, enraptured and a little mysterious, while the music is majestic enough to support those slow songs.

There are lots of acoustic guitars with piano backing them up and Jon Reier Sylte's fragile vocals float above the music. PATHS OF PRAKRITI's diverse instrumentation and carefully arranged tracks makes it a very flexible affair, capable of producing a variety of sonic textures. Sometimes I feel reminded of The Velvet Underground, even if 'Axis Mundi' is significantly quieter. But the music here has some of the same hypnotic quality and vulnerability. I think this album grows with each spin. At first I found it a bit boring and soporific, but now I think it's simply beautiful.