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PALE DIVINE (Cemetary Earth) CD

I really hate phrases like "the new album is their best", but in some cases it's totally true. This time, it's the new one from PALE DIVINE, which is a hell of an album! Not that 'Thunder Perfect Mind' and 'Eternity Revealed' were bad or average, but 'Cemetary Earth' is truly a magic piece of music, not only because Chris Kozlowski did produce the album. With this album, PALE DIVINE must be considered as one of the best US-Doom Metal bands existing nowadays, and they reached a level only few bands are ever able to achieve. It's not easy to compare this band with any other, because they mixed different styles together in a way, that is nearly genuine. Take a healthy dose of 70's Hardrock, and mix it with the sound from NWOBHM-bands like Angel Witch, Iron Maiden or early Judas Priest and, at least, serve that hot cooking brew with the essences from bands like Pentagram, Solitude Aeturnus, or Saint Vitus and you maybe have a small imagination of the metallic virtuosity of this homogeneous album. The rhythm section rolls through all songs like an extremely good oiled machine, while guitarist/vocalist Greg Diener knows to crown every song with excellent melodic guitarsolos and his charismatic rough vocals.. Once again, PALE DIVINE shows the world, that Doom doesn't mean to play only ultra-slow, and that this kind of music can be filled with a lot of variety. I could prattle so much more about the majestic power of each one of the here presented ten songs, but instead I give you the order, to buy 'Cemetary Earth' as soon as possible. At least, I ask myself, if they will record more than only one album for I Hate Records, because in the past they changed the labels like I do change my underwear. This is a must-have for everyone, who has a good musical taste. Awesome!