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OVERSOUL (Seven Days In November...) CD

Most of you will know that OVERSOUL was founded under the name COR from Dennis Cornelius who was part of REVELATION in the 90's when they released the classic "...Yet So Far " album. And there's still a big REVELATION influence in the six long tracks (the last one is over 15 minutes and it's divided in four different parts) of this album. It's very majestic Doom Metal with a modern Progressive touch. OVERSOUL create a mournful atmosphere but they don't sound kitschy, it's a very powerful vibe within the songs although the lyrics are mostly very depressing, but honest.

Gladly the don't write about any cliches like you find so often today. At the time of the recording the band was only Dennis Cornelius, who plays guitar, bass and drummer Patrick Barrett. I won't pick out one of the songs, because of the fact that every song is very good and OVERSOUL are still one of the original bands. All of you doomsters out there know what I'm talking about and so, at least I must say it's an important release and a recommandable one, too. In the 90's HELLHOUND would have released this album, but that's history so you can buy this cd from BRAINTICKET or GUTTER RECORDS.