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ORTHRELM (Iorxhscimtor) CD

First off, my biggest praise goes out to Joe Lally who has once again proven his good taste with his label Tolotta Records.With this review I like to present you a band, that's far away from everything you find here in this webzine. This two-piece was formed by drummer Josh Blair ( ABC's, Space Mob) and guitarist Mick Barr (Crom-Tech, Ocris). They have composed twelve short cuts, that are so intense and restless and are more sounding as symphonic pieces than individual songs. There's isn't much repetiton in this instrumental cuts, but over the whole album and it runs over the listener as a firestorm.Although it's only about 16 minutes long it's a real album for me, due to the intensity.The sound is the total opposite of low-end and somewhere I've read that Mick Barr thinks "tubes suck".

ORTHRELM have recorded "Iorxhscimtor" directly into a eight-track desk and they are playing with such a unbelievable tightness, that you've got no chance to take a breath while listening. I can't really compare this band with anything else, maybe only a few of John Zorn's work come close to it. If I would call this avant-free-jazz-metal it won't hit the point and it isn't absolutley not necessary to describe ORTHRELM with words. A gig of these two guys must be amazing, something like a positive brain-wash. I know, that only a VERY few readers will like this band, but if you're open enough for music that really explores new ground than it's time for ORTHRELM. This album comes in a very tasteful layout, that is as unique as the music. For more informations visit the website of Tolotta Records.