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ORTHODOX (Amaneer En Puerta Oscura) LP/CD

For their first album 'Gran Poder' the Spanish band ORTHODOX received a lot of good reviews from the worldwide underground press. Their refreshing blend, which consists elements of Sleep-esque Heavy Rock and Avantgarde was somehow nice, but not as groundbreaking as some writers had noticed in their ramblings. With the new album 'Amaneer En Puerta Oscura' the band integrated more Jazz and Avantgarde into their songs, while they have kicked out nearly all distorted and heavy guitars. Songs like 'Mesto, rigidio e ceremoniale' and 'Solemne Triduo' will remind the listener to the first album, although 'Mesto, rigidio e ceremoniale' will surprise some fans of 'Gran Poder' with an unexpected Free Jazz influence. Other tracks are closer to John Coltrane's work from the early 60's or comparable to few of the songs that avantgarde Jazz musician Eric Dolphy recorded in the 60's, too.

Especially the two additional guest musicians increase the Jazz influence, because they play trumpet and clarinet. The complete album is almost instrumental and once again ORTHODOX is doing a really good job here, but somehow I'm not too enthusiastic, because if I want to listen to Free Jazz or Avantgarde I prefer the originals. For my taste it would've been more interesting to listen to more heavy guitars here, but I totally appreciate the fact that ORTHODOX don't care about any commercial success or whatever someone expect from them. So, this remains still a very interesting band and I suppose that they have a lot more surprises in store....