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ORODRUIN (Epicurean Mass) CD

It's very difficult to set new accents in a musical style, that's very limited in itself. I talk about Doom Metal and this time, the worshippers are New York's ORODRUIN, fronted by John Gallo who's is also responsible for the Born-Too-Late website. "Epicurean Mass" is the band's debut on PsycheDOOMelic Records and this four guys are proving, that they have learned their doomed lessons very well. Although their sound isn't completely different from bands like Saint Vitus, Trouble or Candlemass, this album is a strong and refreshing release, due to the reason that this bands plays a lot of first-class heavy weighty riffs, while the clear and melodic vocals of John Gallo adds an emotional shape to the entire wall of sound and the well-structured arrangements. And they've got this classic mournful vibe in their sound, which is absolutely necessary if you want to play classic Doom, but at least the result is still proud and majestic. Like their forefathers, ORODRUIN's songs aren't only slow as fuck, although such parts and mid-tempo themes are domianting this album, but there's still enough space for a few up-tempo parts and some heavy crushing grooves. They've created their own dynamics, what makes this album very vital. It's senseless to make a song-by-song review, because every track is charming and leaves a feeling of seclusion to the listener. ORODRUIN don't care about any southern or sludgy trends, they are simply worshippin' the true and original heavy fathers with every single breath and note and so it's a must-have for every die-hard Doom fan. Check out the ORODRUIN website for the latest doomed news. Highly recommandable!