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It was like discovering one of this obscure late-60's heavy rock bands, when I listened for the first time to ORANGE SUNSHINE. A friend of mine had bought the vinyl-edition, and when he put the needle in the groove, I was blown away by the raw heaviness of this power-trio. At least, there was this outstanding cover-artwork, showing the band on the top of an old German tank and all that in 3-D! The singing drummer looks like Jesus, while the bassplayer is wearing a helmet of the German Wehrmacht. Of course, he and the cool-looking guitarist are wearing black sunglasses, too! On the back of the album-cover, I found the year of release: 1969. Well, the illusion was perfect! Some weeks later I found out, that this date was just a fake, but my opinion about ORANGE SUNSHINE remains the same: fucking brilliant! It's real amazing, how authentic this band has captured the spirit of early Blue Cheer and early Stooges.

But that's not all here! They drenched this nasty bastard in a bath of hardest boogie and rock 'n' roll and injected a bit of Motor City Blues in it. I guess, you can imagine that "Home Erectus" sounds as vintage as possible, without being old-fashioned. It's an explosive record that's potent enough to blast your ass to kingdom come. While the first edition of the album has been released via Motorwolf Records, this is the Japanese 2005 edition on Leaf Hound Records, and the first 500 copies comes with shaped 3-D glasses. At least, I like to add that I've seen  ORANGE SUNSHINE on this year's 10th Roadburn Festival, and it was one of best rock 'n' roll shows in my life! I'm startin' to sweat, when I remember this loud and nasty gig.....