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Since the last and third album "The Big Black" it seems as if this band would become an average band. I missed some real good remarkable ideas in these songs, like on the first album that is still my favourite Goblin album. With the second album "Time Travelling Blues" things changed a little bit into another direction. Not as strong as the debut but still solid enough to stand the test of time. After that the band has released the above mentioned "The Big Black" album and here's the fourth one. And after my personal disapointment about the last album "Coup De Grace" is a very positive surprise. It shows us another side of the Goblin's character and this time it's mostly straight-forward Rock'n'Roll Heavy Metal Blues. There are still all the trademark, like the groovy and relaxed parts in a some of the tracks. The songs are stripped down to the bone, and the band has been focused on remarkable melodies. And I must admit that they never sounded dirtier and rougher before. They have done a cover-version of the Misfits classic "We Bite" and so you may imagine what I mean.

"Your World Will Hate This" is one of the those faster hard-hitting tracks and a perfect opener. In the middle of the album there's the relaxed and psychedelic sounding instrumental "Graviton" and it's gives you a short break before this heavy ride continues with the metallic "Red Web". John Garcia sings guest vocals on "Made Of Rats" and the groovy "Jesus Beater" and Scott Reeder is playing bass on "Getting High" and is also responsible for the dynamic and pure production. With that album ORANGE GOBLIN have chosen the right way after the uninspired last album and they still belong to one of the best British Heavy Rock acts today. This is a very entertaining album with a lot of highlights and the more I listen to it, the more I'll like it. "Coup De Grace" has been released again on Rise Above Records, so visit their homepage.