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OGRE (Seven Hells) CD

If you're looking for a perfect combination of classic Doom Metal and 70's Heavy Rock, your search is finally over. It's just fantastic, how OGRE have molten both styles together to one big overwhelming unit, without sounding like a copy of any band. Basically you can't file OGRE under 'retro rock', because they have taken the good old raw 70's Heavy Rock and transported it into the current decade. The group know how to pace and structure their songs, creating a carefully crafted dynamic, which kicks your ass or drags you down into a doomed maelstrom. 

They admittedly do wear their influencs on their sleeves at times, and that they have covered Pentagram's song 'Review your Choices' is just one hint, but even in this moment, they never lose their own identity. That's a proof of musical class and style. 'Seven Hells' keeps your interest from the first to the last song, and I don't miss anything. It's heavy and emotional, virtous and relentless, earthy and powerful. OGRE received a lot of positive feedback from the underground press for their debut 'Dawn Of The Proto-Men' and they strengthen their good reputation with 'Seven Hells'. This album is a must-have for all Doomhounds and 70's Heavy Rock lovers. Buy or die!