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The new OCEAN CHIEF is just right for people who are thirsting for epic songs, powered by sludgy doom-driven riffs. When listening to 'Den Förste', I feel like a cave explorer. Each of the three songs is full of nooks like a cavern system and at least as dark as an abandoned cellar. Most of the time the songs do not need any vocals, but when drummer Tobias Larsson is raising his barbarous voice, it's not missing the point. On the musical scale OCEAN CHIEF ranges from Electric Wizard to Melvins, but they are never so broken as the first band and so innovative like the second one. If you want, you can also add Sleep to the list. I don't think, this mixture isn't particularly spectacular but this three Swedish guys had a very nice idea to make their songs more interesting.

They make use of a keyboard, by which the whole sound becomes more psychedelic and atmospheric. And of course OCEAN CHIEF is as heavy as a steamroller. I like it when the band gets quieter or starts to leave the path of heavy, blackened riffage to redynamise the sonic structure. Especially the last track 'Sang' is very well done and proves the potential capacity of the band. The flawless interaction between the musicians transformed the songs, give them a new timbre and occasionally it results in a new section. Despite all the praise, my enthusiasm is limited and I'm not sure what is the reason for that. Maybe I just long for songs that will remain in my memory. But all you riff-worshippers should get a copy of 'Den Förste', which has been released through Electric Earth Records in 2009. Please notice this is a vinyl-only release, strictly limited to 500 copies.