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OBSKURIA (Burning Sea Of Green) LP/CD

Once again it's time to go back to the very early 1970's. Now, OBSKURIA give you the feeling that time has seemingly stopped and they are damn good at it. 'Burning Sea Of Green' is their second album, released in 2010 by World In Sound, but for me it's the first time that I enter their magic world of heavy psychedelic rock. But first some infos about OBSKURIA, a musical collective featuring members of La Ira De Dios and Dragonwyck as well as various musicians from Germany. In the press info, I read that the first album 'Discovery Of Obskuria' was packed with excessive long instrumental space-kraut excursions. The new record is exactly the opposite, although, of course, German bands from the 1970's, like for example Frumpy have left their mark on this album. That is not only because of a vintage hammond organ, but also on Murielle Stadelmann who ennobles four songs with her lovely voice. Matthias Schäuble does the vocals on the remaining four songs and he scores, too.

Apart from that, he's also the producer of this album and the head of the legendary Perplex Tonstudio, where bands like Guru Guru, Kraan, Embryo and of course OBSKURIA, just to name few, have recorded their records. The album kicks off with a real heavy track named 'A-Bun-Dance' and it's the only instrumental cut on this record. As already demonstrated by bands like Atomic Rooster, Uriah Heep or Deep Purple, the sound of the hammond organ strengthens the heaviness of the song, and Sandra Disterhöft knows how to handle her instrument. Actually, every musician in the group seems to know what and when to play in order to add fullness or harmonic balance to a song, and it shows. In these conditions, it is not surprising that the entire album offers maximum listening pleasure. So, I'll spare you an analysis of each track, although the cover version of Slayer's 'Black Magic' would have deserved it, because it sounds so original. 'Burning Sea Of Green' is an excellent album that pleases everyone who cannot get enough of the heavy psychedelic sounds of the late 1960's/early 1970's. A must to complete any well rounded musical collection.