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N.STRAHL.N (Koordinatenpunkte) CD-R

Behind the mysterious name N.STRAHL.N hides M.W. Löhr who is an integral part of the German industrial/experimental scene. Among other projects as, for example, Erdlicht, his main focus is on N.STRAHL.N. This time, he connects industrial with field recordings. Field recordings describes a technique of recordings outside of a studio. This can be everything from a passing car or a barking dog to a collapsing building. M.W. Löhr demonstrates once again that he's very skilled in combining all this sounds with dark soundscapes and 'Koordinatenpunkte', released by Japanese label Deserted Factory, is a strong example for a successful execution. The album consists of nine tracks entitled 'Punkt I - Punkt IX' and owes much to early German ambient music and experimental music.

The filthy and bleak compositions remind me of watching the outer planets rotate, or a nuclear reactor slowly burning. It is a profoundly moody and dismal album, and helps you get in touch with that darker side of human existance. There are no melodies to speak of and each track is dominated by a creepy wash of bizarre sounds and ambient-like textures. Sometimes the music gives the impression that it was recorded in an abandoned building where indefinable noises create a subtle rhythm. It is obvious that 'Koordinatenpunkte' is a kind of organic/psychological head-trip that can be very inspiring as long as you are interested in music that has nothing in common with blues, jazz or rock 'n' roll. I personally feel that this is album offers an captivating and tense listening experience with plenty of atmosphere. Please notice that this disc is strictly limited to 100 copies.