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Out of the streets of Detroit, MI comes this metallic-shining heavy psych monster, named NOVADRIVER and these four guys are playing a very tasteful mixture out of different ingredients like Blue Cheer, Stooges, MC5, Hawkwind and a bit Sabbath. But enough name-dropping ! I never heard anything of them before but this debut is an excellent surprise. Everything is performed with a passionate heaviness and far away from typical stoner rock. Heavy burning rockers like "Rocket Superstar" or "Spinning Into No Future" gave me a fine lift-off. "Void" doesn´t invent nothing new ,but it´s the way this band is working out an own profile. They are high explosive, cool and full of groove and energy. Especially these influences from the American and British 60´s Garage-Rock/Psych era is giving the massive heavy fuzz-laden Rock this special vibe. Tons of atmospheric guitar effects and the very cool vocals of Mark Miers on top of it. They know how to create emotional and catchy songs with different emotions and energetic variations and breaks.

I will not write about single songs, because here are no fillers. And that´s the debut of this young band and it´s a pretty amazing and hopeful album. "Void" is for sure packed with some trippy effects that are giving "Void" enough drive to explore the universe. The album closes with a nice heavy cover version of Aerosmith´s "Seasons Of Wither", formally released on the "Right In The Nuts" Aerosmith tribute also on Small Stone. So, I must admit that a new small star was born and I´m looking forward to new material. A highly recommandable album, that grows with every listening and you can order it directly from the fine Detroit-based label Small Stone Records and check out the homepage of NOVADRIVER.