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Good to know, that the long wait is over and Detroit’s NOVADRIVER were able to record their second album for Small Stone. The past years have been very heavy for the band, due to some tragic and problematic circumstances, but finally the have re-ignited their rocket-booster and  returned in best shape. „Deeper High“ is not very different from the debut release, maybe a bit darker and more matured, but  it contains all the good things I love about this band: well-structured songs, which are rooted strongly in melody without being to pop-inflected, a double-dose of guitar and bass-driven heaviness as well as the significant and charismatic vocals of Mark Miers. The powerful opener „You Want Yours, You Want Mine“ shows, how moody and mighty this band can sound. But this is only a perfect start for an excellent album, and the following ten tracks are showing a band, which can write some real kick-ass tunes like „Roll You“, while „Dark Aftermath“ is a dark and emotional semi-ballad. This diversity is one of the reasons, why „Deeper High“ never becomes boring for a minute, and I like it how NOVADRIVER have embedded their 60‘s/70‘s roots (MC5, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath f.e.) in a yet updated and massive sound. So, „Deeper High“ is a fine example for an album, or better – a band, that plays smoking heavy rock, which still is full of soul, blues and psychedelic. And they write songs, which always will stand the test of time. „Deeper High“ is a timeless classic, too! Highly recommandable!