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NORTHWINDS (Masters Of Magic) 2LP/CD

It's not easy to describe the second album of this obscure French band, again released by Black Widow Records.In some songs they are sounding like the re-animated Witchfinder General ("Over The Mountain") or Count Raven ("Violet Rainbow"), but there are enough songs, which are quite different from the heavy doom songs."Entre Chien Et Loup" is over 15 minutes long, completley sung in native language with the use of additional instruments as Celtic flute or keyboards. It's more like a conceptional trip through different moods, played in the vein of early 70's heavy prog bands. NORTHWINDS have captured the same mystical and strange atmosphere and mixed it up with a few early 80's Metal riffs.

Together with some folk elements "Masters Of Magic" is not that typical Epic Doom Metal album. NORTHWINDS have once again captured their own sound, that isn't easy to pigeon-hole. Although I'm not the greatest friend of Folk or Prog, but this album is a nice dreamy ride and I appreciate the fact that these talented guys are looking for their very own musical profile, somewhere between the before mentioned styles so the result is very varied. And with a song like "King Of A Green Mountain" that have found a way right into my heart. Check out this unique and inspiring album, that comes in a very tasteful layout. For further infos visit the Black Widow homepage.