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'Ainos' is a dark ambient album, that also contains elements of rhythmical machine-like industrial music. It is not - as one might imagine - a split album, but a collaboration of two French musicians called Cyrill Herry (NINTH DESERT) and Jean-Francois Fanton (MATERIEL BROUILLEUR). The result of this teamwork is interesting, minimalistic and sometimes menacing. The listener is guided through soundscapes, which exuded calm and then can be scary, losing themselves in a long synthetic tunnel full of reverb. There are ripped sounds and sharp tones, which lead through a labyrinth made of noise.

That labyrinth appears to be locked and dense and, despite no beat, the musicians have succeeded in creating a feeling of distress. Then all of the sudden the listener finds himself in a machine hall: an inhuman rhythm combined with machine monotony - the sterility of an industrial production. After the short track 'Maz Experience', where the listener is attacked by discordant sounds, the album ends with 'Depressive Western', an epic song that comes packed with reverb effects and absolutely no rhythm. Once again, the listener has reached the world of dark ambient. The CD is recommended for listeners who enjoy being guided through various soundscapes.

(Blaue Nacht)