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I love this band. I love them for their songs, I love them for making me feel like a kid again, who played air guitar all day long. "Just A Burn" arrived with all the subtlety of an atom bomb, and it's a scroching, explosive, battering, earsplitting full-on heavy rock assault, while keeping one foot in the psychedelic camp. I will admit, though, that at times, NIGHTSTALKER comes off as too much of a Monster Magnet-influenced band, yet they still prove themselves worthy. What makes the difference you may ask? The answer is easy - in opposite to the last two Monster Magnet releases this guys have better songs and they aren't a bloodless rip-off. Or should I better say, that this band seems to be influenced from the same music like Monster Magnet? I think, this phrase is more appropriate for them than anything else. And the here included songs are irresistibly cool - damn it! This bursting cocktail is so tasteful what makes it hard to pick out single songs, because the whole album owns a VERY strong song substance. I haven't had the chance to listen to earlier releases from NIGHTSTALKER, but the here presented eleven cuts are absolutely well-crafted and provided with an additional double-dose of excellent hooks.

And that's, what a good heavy rock album needs - golden hooklines, that will stuck in your brain for weeks. I don't like rock records, where I don't remember any of the songs after ten minutes, just because of a lack of hooks and melody. But "Just A Burn" is far away from being a lame statement in creating boring music! Songs as "Line" or "Explode", that are using the same bittersweet patterns like Iggy & the Stooges' "Gimme Danger" or "Sick of You" are simple gorgeous and heartbreaking, while "Give It All" builds up on a strong groove as the early Grand Funk Railroad had done it. The title-track "Just A Burn" is in my mind since I had received the promo, and I guess it won't leave 'til my last dying days. This album was definitely one of the greatest positive surprises of the last year 2004, and I give you all the advice to check it out. Its been a long time ago, since a 70's-influenced heavy rock album sounded as fresh and vital as in this case. While the CD has been released by Greek label Mad Prophet Records, all vinyl junkies can be glad that German Nasoni Records had done the vinyl edition. So, make your choice but be sure that you have to buy "Just A Burn" as soon as possible!