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NIGHTSLUG (s/t) Tape

When members of Union Of Sleep and Burial join forces then it should be clear to everyone that the result is very far from being family-friendly and tame. Instead, NIGHTSLUG provide the perfect soundtrack for a night of death and destruction. Their first self-titled demo tape contains three songs that are chock full of monstrous, filth-soaked, and caustic riffs. The gruff vocals are deeply buried in the mix and form an effective contrast to the heavily distorted down-tuned guitar and bass assault. In keeping with the band's monicker, the music moves at a crawl with the exception of the first seconds of the opener 'Roars Of Rage'.

Sometimes they are reaching an average pace, but especially the title track pours over the listener like viscous tar. In these moments NIGHTSLUG develops its full striking force and destroy everything that is blocking their path. This is slightly interspersed with rudimentary guitar solos, but otherwise these three guys fully focus on their wall of bleak riffs. The raw production suits the music well, and if one did not know better, one might think that this is not a demo but their first album. NIGHTSLUG made an impressive start with this atmospheric demo. If your a fan of doom-ridden sludge, or any slow depressing ultra-heavy filth pick this up immediatly.