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If I were as picky as some people in the scene whose opinion I read about this band and their singer, then I would have to state that this band sounds as expected from a group whose singer is Phil Swanson. The man is just pretty prolific and has a lot going on. Some people might be bored - I am not. And I tell you why. Surely there are similarities between Phil's numerous bands. What I mean is that they all have the same vocalist. Thus, it does make sense that they sound similarly. Moreover, Phil is singing in bands whose music he digs and there are definitely certain overlappings between all these groups. But honestly, if it was not for Phil's vocals, I am not sure if people would be so narrow-minded about the slight musical similarities between Nightbitch, Seamount or Phil's former band Hour Of 13.

Nightbitch is way more old school Metal than Seamount or Hour Of 13, but some of the slower riffs have a doomy edge as well. 'Bloodmoon' is, so to speak, the most doomiest track here. In contrary, the band's anthem 'Nightbitch' has a very strong feel of 80s Judas Priest for example. The same is true for the opener, 'L'Inferno', and, as we know, Phil's vocals work well together with this kind of Metal.

If anything, then, Nightbitch is reminiscent of Upwards Of Endtime. So, if you belong to the Metalfreaks that miss Phil's former old school Metal outfit, then Nightbitch should be right up your alley. The closing title track 'Sex And Magic', that switches between dark epicness and in-your-face riffing, makes me want to listen to my old Metal records again and I wonder, therefore, where is my vinyl copy of 'Battle Hymns'...? The production of this EP should do the rest to convince all fans of good old Heavy Metal to purchase this gem, whose biggest problem is that it is just too short with only 5 tracks. But anyway, it is simply very good and always enjoyable.

(Thorsten Frahling)