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NIDINGR (Wolf Father) CD

NIDINGR is made up of four Norwegians who are irregularly active in this band. Thus, the release of their last album is five years ago and the new one is actually an EP on the basis of the playing time of below 23 minutes. Unfortunately, this reflects not the price of the disc. The list of bands in which the band members are also active is long, and it is therefore not surprising that you have not heard anything for so long from NIDINGR. Looking at all the cross-connections between Norwegian bands one gets the impression that the metal scene is busy in exchanging band members with the intent of forming just the next project under a different name for the market. So if you expect something special after the lenghty break, then you will be disappointed. 'Wolf Father' is absolutely solid, what means that this EP has been recorded by experienced musicians.

However, I would just like to point out that the attribute "absolutely solid" in connection with Black Metal should be like a dirty word. 'Wolf Father' lacks heart's blood...well, yes, it's evil and aggressive as expected (yawn). If you feel like giving this disc a try, I recommend to listen to the second track 'Baldrs Draumar'. In my opinion, it's the best song here. It impresses with skillful speedchanges ranging from fast to short mid-tempo passages while towards the end the continuous screeching vocal style fades to a clean style. Another plus is the forceful and varied guitar sound. All these switches make it interesting and the professionalism of the musicians comes into its own. All in all, however, 'Wolf Father' is lukewarm and doesn't manage to convince me.

(Blaue Nacht)