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This is the actual self-released album from the German Epic-Metal band NEVER COMES SILENCE, but in spite of the bandname they've got nothing in common with MD's Revelation. They've released the CD in last year 2002. The previous released MCD "Bleeding Flower" is still unknown for me. The band describes their style as atmospheric Metal, what hits the nail on the head. "Red Ocean" includes nine songs, that are partly arranged with violin and keyboards and the vocals are divided by a woman and a man, who growls evil now and then. The musical skills of NCS aren't that bad, although the production is a bit weak and the entire drum-sound could be much stronger.

For me personal, "Red Ocean" is too epic and kitschy and when the sound gets more Goth-like, it takes strength to not throw the disc out of my player. The next thing that comes to my mind are fatasy-role-games, and that's definitly not my world. The band throws in a few Doom-light riffs, what makes the songs more interesting and "Flying" reminds me somehow to Anne Clark, but not soundwise. To be honest, "Red Ocean" isn't my glass of beer, but I'm sure there are some Metal and Goth-fans out there, that are filled with more enthusiasm about the band. You can order this album directly from the band for 8 Euro and for two bucks more you get the above mentioned MCD.