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NEGATIVE REACTION (Everything You Need For Galactic Battle Adventures) CD

This is the second output from PsycheDOOMelic Records, co-released with the US label Game Two Records. The US-based NEGATIVE REACTION are psychotic and hateful, soundwise and heavy and slow as it was meant to be when you're playing Doom. They've added a few faster outbursts, but mostly they're playing in slow and destructive way. The thick and crunchy guitar tone dominates the entire sound of this three-piece and helps to build a massive wall. In opposite to other Sludge bands, NEGATIVE REACTION are stronger focused on accessible songs, and they have no southern-rock influence, like some of their US comrades. In the strongest moments of this album, the mighty Grief were coming to my mind, mixed up with more groovy parts. And I wouldn't be surprised if this band is also influenced by old US Hardcore bands like Black Flag or Bl'ast!. They got this kind of pure energy in the sound, only more downtuned and slower.

Another period of music history, that left some footprints in NEGATIVE REACTION's sound are, of course, the 70's, especially when they're playing quieter parts (what doesn't happenend too often!) or just take a look at the cover. To be honest, after the first listening sessions, I wasn't that enthusiastic about this album, but now I must admit, that it grows more and more. I won't go so far as Dan Rowe, to describe this album as a masterpiece of the sludge/doom hybrid, but it's still so good to deserve the attention of every devote fan of bands like Grief, Sleep, Warhorse and Black Sabbath, of course. You can order the album from the PsycheDOOmelic Records and Game Two Records, where you can check out additional infos about NEGATIVE REACTION.