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Whenever I receive a disc with a cover-artwork, done by Scott Stearns, I can be sure, that it's time for the next release from Shifty Records. Ok, he's also responsible for countless other artworks, but in the case of NECRODAMUS it fits. This band is a project featuring members from  Fistula, Zykluss II, Keelhaul, and Madman Mundt. and instead of poisoning the listener's soul with the next slab of gut-wrenching Sludge, this five guys come up with their own mutilated version of 80's Thrash/proto-Black Metal. Ok,  the opener "Warlords of Chaos" and "Infectous Blasphemy" are still sounding sludgy, especially the two vocalists Necoreus and Dr. Necronambezium are making sure that NECRODAMUS have their special kind of aesthetic going on, but mostly they are worshippin' the gods of filthy and unpolished Metal! "Nine Rows of Teeth" is an anthemic song, with an unforgetable refrain, and I always have to smile while listening to it, because it sounds as if a horde of vikings would celebrate a feast after a successful battle. Just check out the before mentioned refrain, and you know what I mean! I'm not sure how serious the involved guys had taken this recordings, but I have had a lot of fun with this obscure three-tracker. At least let me say, that I'm startin to lose the overlook about the bands, where members of Fistula are part of.......