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NASUM (Helvete) CD

Please, fasten your seat-belts, ladies and gentlemen, because the new NASUM album, again on Relapse Records is crossing our way! Since the glory days of Napalm Death, Assück, Exit 13 and Brutal Truth I haven't listen to such an ambitious grind/crust band as this Swedish trio. It's not easy to set new accents in this genre, and a lot of bands lack on originality, technical skills or/and the ability to write proper songs, instead of producing high-quality noise. NASUM are belonging to the good ones, what they prove again with this new album. Complex structures, incredible breaks and a hectically mixture between blast-beats, mid-tempo and up-tempo parts are a few of the ingredients of the here included 22 songs, performed in 35 minutes. Sometimes this Swiss clockwork adds a few grooves into their overwhelming extreme Metal. The vocals are mostly hateful and aggressive, interrupted with a few deep unhuman growls.

Although NASUM are mostly fast as a hyperspeed-train, there are some so-called quiet moments, but don't expect to hear catchy melodies. Shane Embury (Napalm Death and hundreds of other projects) is one of the featured four guest musicians and his ND comrad Barney Greenway describes this album with the words:" Extreme Metal doesn't get much better than this". I won't be so enthusiastic about "Helvete", but it's recommandable for fans of aformentioned bands mand it remembers me to the days when I used to listen to a lot of this stuff, aside of my beloved slow and heavy sounds. Today I must admit, that I prefer the heavy groovin' mid-tempo parts in NASUM's songs more, than all this nervous blast-beats. Please, come up with more on the next album.....For band contact, check out the NASUM homepage.