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NADJA (I Have Tasted The Fire Inside Your Mouth) 3" MCD-R

NADJA is one of the several projects of Canadian multi-instrumentalists and writer Aidan Baker, who had released a lot of diverse experimental and ambient material during the last years. With NADJA he explores the dark mysterious territories of heavy ambient drones, together with Leah Buckareff (bass/vocals) who joined NADJA in 2004 while Aidan Baker is doing all guitarwork, drum programming and vocals. Since 2003 NADJA have recorded more material for different labels, and this is the actual one, again released by the Japanese label Deserted Factory. It's really not easy to describe the twisted beauty and depth of NADJA, but I will give it try. Heaviest droning doom-laden guitar-riffs and slowest beats are reminding the listener to the earliest releases of Earth, but the textures are comparable with Tangerine Dream, when they were a dark spaced-out ambient band.

The heaviness and the quieter parts are connected perfectely and "I have tasted......" builds upon itself to create a stream of sound that sometimes breaks into more atmospheric parts. This track is about 20+ minutes and it swallows the listener at once, but ethereal melodies, drum programming, and vocal fragments are like a life belt for those who fear to drown in this soundscape. The short lyrics, admittedly are best erotic poetic territory and particularly memorable, dig this: "I have tasted the fire inside your mouth - I have burned under the touch of your tongue." NADJA takes you on a ride into your subconcious, and it depends on your daily mood how this band stimulate your body cells. Absolutly great work and recommandable to those who expect the unexpected!