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NADJA (Desire In Uneasiness) CD

I'm not sure how much albums Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff have released under the moniker NADJA. During the past two years it looks as if they've released ten albums each month, without counting all the reissues of their early recordings. Due to this circumstances I'm not sure if I can say that this is their new album, because I expect that NADJA has released ten more albums after 'Desire In Uneasiness'. Anyway, this one has been released through Crucial Blast in 2008 and for the first time Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff have a real drummmer in their line-up instead of using a programmed drum machine. That doesn't make a huge difference to their early recordings, but it sounds interesting and more organic than before. Apart from that, the foundation of NADJA's music is as always a fascinating web of electronic effects in combination with mechanical-sounding heavy bass riffs.

Their wall of sound is ethereal, psychedelic and hypnotic, yet engulfing and monstrous. 'Affective Fields' with its non-distorted basslines and swirling electronic sounds differ from the other four songs, and opens another chapter in the history of their music. The transition to the next track 'Uneasy Desire' is sutureless and evolves into a ritualistic percussive song with epic proportions. 'Deterritorialization' is the fifth and last song of the album and it sounds like continuation of the previous track. Once again NADJA weave an impermeably sonic net, but for me personal it's too steady and statical. In summary I would say, that this is a solid album, but not their best. Sometimes I feel a bit bored from 'Desire In Uneasiness', because it's mostly based on almost endless repetition. But if you're looking for something like this or if you need everything from NADJA,than 'Desire In Uneasiness' will bring you a lot of satisfaction.