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MUGWART (Discography) CD

First off, my biggest thanks goes out to John from This Dark Reign/Devil Doll Records for releasing this necessary CD. MUGWART were one of the finest US bands, who infected this world with a brutal heavy combination of sludgy patterns, southern blues licks and hardcore-tinged aggression. Sad, that this group split-up, but as the title says here one can get all of their hard-to-find songs from 1999-2002. The album contains thirteen uncompromising anthems about the fucked-up sides of a human exsistence. Although the line-up changed, the songs never lack of quality or essence. The guitars are coming up with one dirty pulverizing riff after the next without adding any solos, while singer Charlie Lee Beasley vomits his lyrics out.

Of course, there are a few similarities to EyeHateGod, especially the interwoven feedback parts, but MUGWART were straighter, simpler, groovier and had created their own thick devastating sound within their short lifespan. It's hard to pick out cuts, but some of my personal highlights are the neckbreaking "Fallen" or the excellent three tracks from the legendary "South Of Hell" compilation. Or the instrumentals "M-Camp" (southern groove swing) and "Nothing" ...or "Amen", featuring the mighty Ben Hogg (also responsible for growls at "40/90"), vocalist from Beaten Back To Pure. Well, I could list more tracks here but I think everything is said about "Discography". So, raise up the beer bottles and show this world the middle finger while rockin' out with MUGWART. I dig this, and what about you?