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MUDDY FLY (R_evolution) CD

When I noticed in the info-sheet that MUDDY FLY hails from the north of Italy, I expected some sort of heavy-psych fuzzrock or something comparable, because a lot of heavy bands emerged from the country during the last years. But, to further quote the info, the band is strongly influenced from the early-90's Seattle sound, called with the ridiculous word "grunge", and especially Kurt Cobain's band had left a big impression to MUDDY FLY. Well, this is their second release and it's obvious, that the band's sound is definitely drenched in the same blue feeling as we know it from groups like Alice In Chains or Nirvana to name a few. And exactely this mood is preponderant on "R_evolution", and the main-reason, why I don't really dig this album.

Ok, it contains ten well-crafted songs, and this band is aware of their musical direction as well as composing catchy songs, but the overall mood is too tearful for my personal taste. Although all band members are between 26 and 29 years old, the album sounds as if they are still going through a post-puberty. This is the same reason, why I never was into stuff like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains or Mad Season, because I can't relate to their significant emotional vibe. But a lot of people worship the aforementioned bands, and those should check out MUDDY FLY. I won't go as far as the Italian press, who wrote "a new way to play grunge", because that's frightenlly silly, and this four-piece have recorded a disc that offers nothing new, but it's a deep and honest bow to the early-90's, mixed up with influences from bands like Deftones or Kyuss.