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MUD WALK (The Drifters Forgotten Lore) 12" EP

I have written elsewhere about my growing reluctance for newer bands that imitate the rock of the 1970s. The reason for this is that most of these bands do not add anything new to it and it sure makes me wonder why I should listen to any of these outfits, because the original bands are substantially better. And yet there are a few groups around such as Blues Pills, Fuzz Manta, Siena Root or Spiders, which please me enormously. Or MUD WALK, which have been formed in 2010 on the Swedish island Gotland. 'The Drifters Forgotten Lore' is their second EP which was recorded in San Francisco and Stockholm in early 2011.

Well, MUD WALK do not re-invent the wheel, but they are talented songwriters and these six young women play with a great deal of energy and enough heart's blood. This is shown by the five tracks that are featured on this great 12". MUD WALK mix the good old blues with hard rock and rock 'n' roll, and do not forget to integrate a lot of catchy hooks. On top of this, there are charismatic lead vocals with a high recognition value in order to take care that this tunes will not be forgotten as quickly as many others.

One of my faves on this 12" is 'Hounded' with additional blues harp. I would not mind if MUD WALK would use that instrument more frequently, because it fits marvellously into the bluesy heaviness of their raw soulful rock. But also the tracks without harmonica have a lot to offer and it surprises me again and again that this is a young band, simply because MUD WALK leave the impression of long-serving musicians. All in all, a fabulous release, which kindles the desire for more.