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MOURNFUL CONGREGATION / WORSHIP (The Epitome Of Gods And Men Alike) Split 7"

"Extreme Doom crafted by the blackest hand of matter..." does the inner sleeve proudly proclaim , and that's exactly what you get, when two of the best bands of recent years share a split EP to make you suffer badly. Australian MOURNFUL CONGREGATION's contribution is "The epitome of gods and men alike", which must be their best track to date, containing all their trademarks in utter perfection. Very slow, gloomy riffs and melodies accompanied by a voice seemingly coming from the deepest abyss of exsistence. It's all there, just with that little bit extra, that makes the tune outstanding instead of merely "good". Especially the well executed solo spot is awesome and captures a mournful sense not very common theses days.

WORSHIP's song is accurately titled "Let there be Doom..." which, according to the late Maximilien himself, should be "worse than ever", whereas I say, that it again meets the by now well-known standard of this German/French lunatics. Another fucking nail into the coffin of Hippie infected Flower Power Doom reeking of depression and despair every rotten second! If you're looking for hope...well, go somewhere else instead!! I just hope, that one day this miserable world will get to hear the last, yet unfinished recordings of this brilliant band! So, if you like your Doom ultraslow, painful and extreme, there's no way around this essential 7", containing 2 outstanding bands and additionally featuring a very moody layout. As all PAINIAC releases within the "Suicidal Doom Series", this is again a limited edition. Now get it or be a poofter!! For label contact mail to: Painiac[at]pandora.be