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The "Suicidal Doom Series" of PAINIAC RECORDS continues with another split release, featuring two bands who've contributed to that concept before, as well as sharing a release with German/French extremists WORSHIP. So it's obvious, that both names will compliment each other very well. Australian MOURNFUL CONGREGATION's song, aptly titled "A Slow March To The Burial" takes them even more into darkness, compare to their already bleak back catalogue. Despite getting the usual ingredients from them, like very slow, down-tuned guitarriffs, melancholic, morbid melodies as well as the deepest of growls, they take everything one step further than before. Everything just seems even more desolately accomplished. Definitely thumbs up for the OZ-Hearse of the Doomed! Literally the same can be said about STABAT MATER from Finland and their anthemic "Gates" having had a quite sick approach already on their split 10", this is even more harsh and disturbing. Slower, deeper and more intense crawl the sound of your speakers, to infest your ears (and mind) with a dose of extreme Doom, that offers a psychotic quality, not too common theses days. If both MC and STABAT MATER can maintain their darkened paths, I'm more than looking forward to their next (hopefully full-length) releases.

(Opolus XXXIX AS)