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The main-man behind this progressive Psychedelic project is Jeff Sanders. I've never heard anything of the Mirrors and Jeff's other projects, but "Voices" is an amazing tree tracker. This release marks a return to his psychedelic roots, and this is really very psychedelic. All three tracks are sounding very spiritual and mystic. It's a very gentle and natural floating sound, without being to cheesy. The first track "Eclectic Caravan" comes up with flutes and a dub-like bass line. It reminds a bit to bands as Ozric Tentacles and stuff like that. The next song "Voices" is a full of Eastern influences with its hypnotic sitar sound and a mystic atmosphere. It reminds me to Indian chants and Vine Sweetland appears a a guest musician.The EP closes with "Field of Grass", which is the only "rock" song on "Voices". But it's still very relaxed, with a hypnotic drum beat and the tasteful guitarwork of Jeff Sanders. This is a very fine psychedelic release, and it's a bit sad that it only ends after three songs. I think, a full-length album of the MOUNTAIN MIRRORS must be amazing. So, if you're interested into original and authentic US prog psych, than check out this one. You can vist the MOUNTAIN MIRRORS homepage for actual news amd I'm looking forward the first album.