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New Swedish stuff on Daredevil Records, and it's, of course, the next load of 70's flavoured heavy rock, But MOTHER MISERY have not much in common with Kyuss or Fu Manchu. All five songs have very infectious chorus and they sound as if Warrior Soul and later-Moster Magnet have met for a songwriting-session. If I had a driving-license and a car, I would listen very often to 'For The Crows', because that's what this music is made for.

And for wild parties, big arenas as well as hot and sweaty venues..... The powerful production is also very fine, and is one of the reasons, why MOTHER MISERY do not sound like a retro-rock gang. This five-tracker could be something interesting for all those, who want their rock 'n' roll loud and heavy, and it would be no surprise if their next full-length gains a bigger audience.