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MOS GENERATOR (The Vault Sessions) CD

For me, one of the best bands in the genre of 70's-influenced Hardrock are definitely MOS GENERATOR. Their album 'The Late Great Planet Earth' was more in a heavy progressive vein and different to 'Songs for Future Gods', which still contains traces from the third album, but both records showcases a band which consists not only of  well-trained and precise playing musicians but also of three guys who can write memorable and timeless songs. Music Abuse Records did release 'The Vault Sessions', what isn't really a new album, but more a compilation of their older material, which include the 'Tales From The Vault' 10", a song from a split 7", and a few unissued demo songs that have been recorded between 2002 - 2006 in the 'Vault, what is MOS GENERATOR's own studio. All in all here we have eight songs, that are closer to 'Songs for Future Gods than to their first studio album. The sound quality of the demo recordings is excellent and the eight cuts on this disc are so chock full of deep, heavy and organic power trio motion that it's a pleasure to listen to this songs.  Sometimes, they've integrated a few mellow parts into their songs, but the arrangements are still very powerful. The last song here is a cover version of the Mountain classic 'Never In My Life' and it sound as if it would be a self-penned track. Overall, this is a magnificent disc, a must-have for the fans, and a good start for the ones, who never heard anything before from MOS GENERATOR.