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MOS GENERATOR (The Late Great Planet Earth) LP/CD

This is the second studio album from one of today's most outstanding hardrock bands, and it has been released in 2005 and 2006 on three different record label, but although it's 2008 it's just to good to ignore it. By the way, this album will be re-issued by Nasoni Records this year. In contrast with their last album 'Songs for Future Gods', this one is very different but not so different that you won't recognize the typical sound from MOS GENERATOR. 'The Late Great Planet Earth' is a concept album about the annihilation of our planet earth and to keep the flow of this realistically story, the group did connect all twelve tracks together without any breaks in between. The complete execution is absolutely flawless, and this time the band sounds more progressive than ever before, what doesn't mean, that they don't use their ass kickin' hardrock ammunition. They have found a perfect balance between all this varied elements. Some songs are very reflective while others are hard 'n' heavy as for example the powerful opener 'On The Eve' or 'Opium Skies', that was orginally named 'Opium Eyes. The virtuosity and brilliant musicianship remind me to the first album of Captain Beyond, because their debut was also a hardrock record, disguised in a progressive sound, if you know what I mean. It's always great to hear, that a band is capable to alter their sound into another direction, without losing their identity and I can image that we can expect more musical surprises by MOS GENERATOR in the future. This is just an excellent record, that should appeal to fans of the bands later releases, but also to the ones who have a preference for hard progressive bands.