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MOS GENERATOR (Songs For Future Gods) CD

With two albums already under their belts, Seattle's MOS GENERATOR have come a long way, since the band have been formed in the cold winter of 2000. Now, where they have found a new home at Small Stone Records, this is their best album until now. 'Songs for Future Gods' very effectively blends groove and heaviness, proving downright catchy in the process and MOS GENERATOR totally have deserved the description 'power-trio'. 'Wizards of the Prophecy Pen' is a masterful combination of early ZZ Top and early Mountain, while 'Into the Long Sleep' is a slow and relaxed song, that knows to impress me with a slight doom touch but also with a hint to 70's heavy prog monsters May Blitz.

But here are more swaggering hooks to find, that'll linger in your head long after you've taken the disc out of your player. This here is really refreshing, because MOS GENERATOR know how to handle the good old Blues, Rock 'n' Roll and Hardrock without being swallowed by the current retro trend or to quote the press info: "MOS GENERATOR have taken Rock 'n' Roll out of the 70's and put it back where it belongs, on the road".

I couldn't write it better, than the guys of Small Stone. What also makes this album really good is the fact, that the group is always able to integrate some surprising elements into their songs as for example 'Acapulco Gold', that shifts between hard rockin' parts and sweet psychedelic coolness, while the untitled hidden bonus track at the end of this album is a very atmospheric instrumental, that has been born out of a jam session. 'Songs for Future Gods' is a honest album, played by a band with a great chemistry, and I assure you, that it finds it way to the CD player again and again. Highly recommandable! At least, I give guitarist and singer Tony Reed two extra points for wearing a Pentagram shirt. Well done, man!